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You'll have 24 hours to respond to the requests we email you. Simply provide your opinion of value, and the best explanation you can, and we'll include it in our Report to the client—anonymously.

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The client will review the Report, including your and other agents' responses, and choose who to connect with based upon the quality of the explanations. If they choose you, we will simply send you their contact info!

Bottom Line

Give clients your expert opinion of value in order to win their business.

Why Should Agents Participate?

  • A new seller may ask your opinion of value when searching for a listing agent to help sell his home.
  • An existing seller may ask your opinion of value when searching for a new listing agent.
  • A seller, or seller’s agent, may ask your opinion when trying to confirm that the offer she currently has is close to fair market value.
  • A buyer may ask your opinion of value when searching for an agent to help her purchase a particular home, whether it’s currently listed for sale or not.
  • Any stakeholder (e.g., buyer, seller, family member, lender, or any other third-party) may want to confirm that a recently sold property was sold for fair value.

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About ListingNut

ListingNut™ was founded by a real estate attorney, broker, and investor who has marketed, sold, financed, purchased, and advised on thousands of properties globally, totaling over $5 billion worth of real estate transactions. His experience identified a common problem: how do you know, and prove, the value of a property, particularly when it's unique or when market values change? Computer generated formulas simply cannot take into account the subjective knowledge and expertise of local agents. And who has the time to call or meet with multiple agents? The solution is ListingNut™: the speedy, real-time aggregation of opinions of value of local real estate professionals. Problem solved!